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1. Renewable Energy Systems

Sun and wind in generation portfolio Trianel and associated municipal utilities see themselves at the forefront in driving energy transition, with all its diverse challenges yet numerous opportunities going forward. With the dedicated involvement of...

2. Facts & figures on Trianel

Download Download Download Facts & figures Over 50 municipal shareholders have adopted the Trianel idea. Over 100 municipal utilities are associated with Trianel via subsidiaries and affiliated companies as well as association agreements. The...

3. Business sectors

Business sectors Trianel GmbH operates in all sectors of the energy industry throughout the entire value chain. All processes are driven in close agreement with the commercial goals of the shareholder companies and directed towards their...

4. Management Board

Management Board Sven Becker Management Spokesman of Trianel GmbH Sven Becker, born in 1968, has been the Management Spokesman of Trianel GmbH since 2005 and is responsible for all Trianel market activities. He also occupies a number of positions...

5. Supervisory Board

Supervisory Board The Supervisory Board monitors and advises the Management Board and directly participates in decisions of fundamental importance for the company. The structure of the Supervisory Board reflects the diversity of the circle of...

6. Business model

Working towards our common vision. Businesses can only achieve long-term success when they are able to actively react to new developments. The dynamics of economics demand sufficiently complex dynamic adaptation to new situations. The municipal...

7. Conventional power plants

Highly efficient and flexible power plant technologies Municipal utilities and energy suppliers have joined Trianel in investing in highly efficient and flexible conventional power plant technologies. As a pilot project for collaborative power...

8. Storage facilities

Electricity and gas storage facilities Municipal utilities and regional energy suppliers are investing together with Trianel in supply security. Electricity and gas storage facilities are essential components in counterbalancing the volatility of...

9. Compliance

Download Fair Play – Trianel Code of Conduct Trianel and its entire staff have adopted the principles of fair play, transparency and respect as the basic tenet for their day-to-day work. The company has introduced an extensive Compliance Management...

10. Municipal utility companies are positioned at the core of the energy transition.

The energy transition is no longer restricted to the energy sector and has become a challenge to society in general that has a decisive influence on the entire economy. This is a dynamic process affecting all social, ecological and communication...
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