Working towards our common vision.

Businesses can only achieve long-term success when they are able to actively react to new developments. The dynamics of economics demand sufficiently complex dynamic adaptation to new situations. The municipal utilities cooperation Trianel is the result of intentional proposals from municipal utilities for achieving individual targets using common resources.

Since 1998, the municipal energy suppliers have transformed from “city municipal utilities” to “municipal energy service providers”. As a municipal company they must strike a balance between economic challenges, socially relevant obligations of supply and political constraints. In the light of liberalised energy markets and the energy transition, planned development of a business strategy has become a central factor of success.

The business model of the shareholders is aimed at common success. In the interplay of individual skills to achieve a commonly usable knowledge advantage, Trianel is a critical dialogue partner for municipal utilities and concept creator for successful company development.

The advantages developed by Trianel are passed on to the shareholders as customers. In the Trianel network, the strategic networking of distributed knowledge and individual skills of the independent members allow successful common utilisation of synergetic effects.

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