The energy transition is no longer restricted to the energy sector and has become a challenge to society in general that has a decisive influence on the entire economy. This is a dynamic process affecting all social, ecological and communication areas that has changed the key indicators for the energy industry.

The energy transition joint project requires national coordination of energy and environmental policies, enhanced by innovative commercial strategies and committed citizens. The common goal is to ensure a stable energy supply, commercial viability, protection of the climate and conservation of resources Integration of the decentralised generation possibilities will be a central factor for successfully achieving the goals of the energy transition.

Intelligent measuring systems for successful implementation of the energy transition

Source: According to LBD 2014.

The greatest challenge is the synchronisation of volatile generation with volatile consumption. This means that the overall commercial energy system must become more flexible and digitalised. Intelligent measurement systems offer opportunities for precisely and cost-effectively satisfying the constantly growing requirements for balancing power generation and demand.

The energy market will become one of the largest innovative and growing markets of the future. Municipal service providers close to the consumers can utilise these opportunities to intensify their activities in this field. They face the increased competition with confidence and focus on high-quality services, close coordination with customers and the development of a strong future regional market. This allows municipal utilities to successfully gain a new market share.

The future of the energy supply sector lies in decentralisation, with municipal utilities becoming “energy service centres”. This requires a solid base of know-how and a critical minimum company size. Trianel views the energy transition as a commercial opportunity and pools the strengths of the municipal utilities to develop independent and innovative concepts than can be cooperatively implemented.

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