Business sectors

Trianel GmbH operates in all sectors of the energy industry throughout the entire value chain. All processes are driven in close agreement with the commercial goals of the shareholder companies and directed towards their requirements.

Trading and procurement

The core businesses of Trianel GmbH are the procurement, supply and marketing of energy and the management of energy portfolios. Trianel obtains energy on the wholesale markets for distributors and municipal utilities in order to ensure the supply of energy to their end customers. The Trianel trading floor provides shareholders and customers with access to international trading business. As one of the leading direct marketing actors, Trianel contributes to the market integration of renewable energy sources.

Project development and operational management

Trianel develops projects for the construction or purchase of commercial energy plants. In addition to the development of projects for conventional and regenerative generation systems and energy storage facilities, Trianel also supports the management and optimisation of these plants.

Digitale Energielösungen

Neue und innovative Geschäftsmodelle bestimmen die Märkte von morgen. Trianel gestaltet gemeinsam mit Stadtwerken Lösungen, um Stadtwerke in die digitale Transformation zu begleiten.

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