Electricity and gas storage facilities

Municipal utilities and regional energy suppliers are investing together with Trianel in supply security. Electricity and gas storage facilities are essential components in counterbalancing the volatility of supply to the power grid of renewable energies as well as seasonal fluctuations in demand for natural gas. The first commercial and jointly used municipal gas storage facility was established in 2008 with the completion of the Trianel Epe gas storage facility. 

High-performance cavern storage facility in Epe

Trianel Gasspeicher Epe GmbH & Co. KG operates a natural gas storage facility consisting of 4 salt caverns at its Epe site in Gronau (Westphalia). The storage facility is jointly operated by 16 municipal and regional partners. The Trianel gas storage facility, commissioned on 1 October 2008, thus became the first gas storage facility to be built for commercial and joint municipal usage.


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