No impact on Trianel in Germany from insolvency of the Trianel’s Netherlands subsidiary


Aachen/Maastricht. The Maastricht District Court instigated insolvency proceedings against Trianel Energie B.V. (TEBV) on 27 December 2012. The independent subsidiary of Trianel GmbH in the Netherlands got into difficulties due to defaulted payments and the announced insolvency of a key account, and was therefore unable to fulfil its own payment obligations.

As a customer of Trianel GmbH, TEBV accounted for roughly 50 percent of Trianel GmbH’s business in the Netherlands. No other contracts of Trianel GmbH with customers in the Netherlands are affected by the insolvency proceedings. In total, the Netherlands accounts for roughly six percent of the total turnover of the German Trianel GmbH.

The insolvency of the Netherlands subsidiary has no impact on the business model of the Trianel Group, and in particular on the German operations. Even though Trianel GmbH expects defaulted receivables as a result of the insolvency, the company predicts a positive annual net income for the 2012 financial year. Trianel GmbH does not expect any effects on the 2013 annual net income due to the insolvency of TEBV.

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